Baywatch Nights (1995) / Women’s Murder Club (2007) / Rizzoli & Isles (2013)


"And so I like the villains on the show." {x}


Holy mother of …

Marry me?

Jane’s way to say “I want to spend my life with you”.

And Maura knew it, look at her smile she’s happily in love.


I miss a lot of the people I worked with. I miss people bowing at me…Joke! But it was time to move on. Hopefully, she will be one of just many characters that I grow a strong affection for in playing them.”

Gentlemen, I’m AGENT CARTER.


I do love books. 



"I thought for sure Emma was going to save the day."— (x)

And THIS is why I was so upset about Hook’s line to Emma saying that SHE was the one who defeated Zelena.

Like, back the fuck up, this is a really important moment in Regina’s redemption arc, would you mind not ruining it, please?

sarah paulson switching the name cards so tatiana could sit next to her